Toms River Township officials have been working diligently over the weekend to ease the added burden of electrical inspection costs placed on homeowners on the barrier island. The electrical system has been compromised through the intrusion of salt water, and in the interest of public safety, JCP&L will be pulling all of the electric meters to homes on the barrier island, including the Northern Beaches and Ortley Beach areas.

Initially, in accordance with state law, there was a $46 permit fee for inspections, but that fee has now been waived for homeowners.

Toms River officials spoke with representatives at the NJDCA. Mayor Tom Kelaher said, “Councilwoman Maria Maruca and I worked out an arrangement with the DCA and they have agreed to handle the inspections, instead of our Township inspectors. The good news is that we won’t have to charge homeowners for the inspections. The DCA will be able to seek reimbursement from FEMA and try to recoup whatever costs they can, and then they will absorb the rest of the costs.”

Maruca stated, “I understand the need to replace the meters, but all of us on the governing body were opposed to having to charge our residents for this service. This was undue financial stress that I’m happy we were able to avoid.”

Additionally, the Township will issue refunds to any resident who recently had their meters inspected as a result of the storm.


Electrical Permit Re-connection Steps

Residents that have had their electrical meters pulled by JCP&L must take the following steps.

1-Homeowners and/or their electrician must request a permit for an electrical re-connection, which is now at no cost, at the Toms River Permit office in town hall.  

Permit applications

The link below leads to the NJ UCC permit forms. For the reconnect permit, you will need to file both form UCC-F100 and form UCC-F120. You can mail the completed application to us or bring it in to town hall for immediate processing.


2- Once the re-connect permit is issued, schedule an inspection through the Building Department at 732-341-1000 ext. 8321. The Township highly recommends that every homeowner obtain their own licensed electrical contractor to assess their home for electrical damage, such as wiring or panel changes, etc. If additional work needs to be done, a new electrical permit is required. Upon making the necessary inspections and or repairs, the homeowner should contact the Toms River Building Department for a final inspection.


3- A State-licensed electrical inspector will conduct the inspection of the electrical system. Once complete, the inspector will forward a “cut in card” to JCP&L, alerting them to reconnect your power. This may take JCP&L a few days. Please be patient. For JCP&L questions, contact their customer service number at 1-800-662-3115.


Inspection permit hours

Based on the large number of applications, the township will be supplementing the staff to review and process these permit applications.  Additionally, the Building Inspection Department has expanded the hours of operation to 7:30 AM- 4:30 PM, with expanded hours on Wednesday to 6:30 PM.  Town Hall is located at 33 Washington Street in Toms River.






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