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The Department of Engineering, Construction Services and Code Enforcement consists of four divisions and several boards, all related to the overall development of the township. The department includes engineering, planning, zoning, conservation, community development, construction services, affordable housing and code enforcement. It also provides administrative services to the Planning Board, Zoning Board of Adjustment and the Environmental Commission. The purpose of these divisions and boards is to promote and ensure the reasonable and appropriate use of our lands and environmental resources.

Code Enforcement:

The Division of Code Enforcement provides regular inspections throughout the township to ensure compliance with township Codes. Typically, inspectors look for code violations such as illegal signs and properties in an unsafe condition or state of disrepair. Inspectors can respond to complaints and inquiries from residents about conditions that may not conform to ordinance standards. Year-round and seasonal housing is regularly inspected to ensure safe and habitable conditions exist in dwellings that are rented rather than owner-occupied. The division staff is there to protect all residents and business from unsafe and unsightly conditions in order to make Toms River a better place to live.

Effective October 1st:  Any necessary certifications for your rental (heat certification, insurance paperwork, chimney certification or well certification) must be submitted with your C/O Rental application.  Applications will not be accepted without all paperwork.




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