I've made my complaint. How long do I have to wait before I see something being done?

After your complaint has been received, the average time to investigate is 1 to 3 working days for a Code Enforcement Officer to visit, document, and determine if a violation exists. We respond to each complaint as soon as it is filed as each and every complaint is important to us. Complaints are prioritized according to potential health and safety hazard. Once a complaint is investigated and verified, the property owner is notified and a process begins to abate the violations.

The process of abatement may last days, weeks or months; depending on the severity of the violations, the circumstances surrounding the property, and the due process and property rights that are guaranteed to all citizens. It may appear to an outside observer that no action is occurring or that action does not occur on a timeline that satisfies the complainant, however, it should be considered that the due process rights and property rights of all citizens are respected and that voluntary compliance is a process that resembles a partnership between the Township and property owners - it is not a process to penalize violators or to retaliate against difficult neighbors.

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