Economic Development & Redevelopment


Small Business Development Resources:

Greater Toms River Chamber of Commerce:

The Greater Toms River Chamber of Commerce offers many member-only, no-cost or cost-effective ways of promoting your business & reaching your target audience.  More information is provided in the link below:

Membership Benefits - Greater Toms River Chamber of Commerce

Downtown Toms River Business Improvement District (Downtown Toms River)

Downtown Toms River is a not-for-profit organization specially designated to promote and implement the economic revitalization of the Downtown Toms River business district.

Its goals are to preserve its cultural, historic, tourist and civic interests, while accessing public and private resources to improve business profitability and property values. Downtown Toms River is managed by the Toms River Business Development Corporation, a not-for-profit corporation whose members are elected by the commercial property owners and business owners of the district. More information is provided in the link below:

Downtown Toms River Business Improvement District Website

State of New Jersey Small Business Start-up Information

The New Jersey Business Action Center is a "one-stop-shop" resource for learning about State and sometimes federal and local opportunities and regulations in New Jersey. Explore a rich library of content on registering, hiring, funding and more information on planning, starting, operating and growing a business. More information is provided at their website at the link below:

New Jersey Business Action Center

Signage Regulations

Regulations on the type, size, location and content of signs can vary by zoning district. The sign regulations are available in the link below:

Signage Regulations


Redevelopment Plans are prepared for designated Areas in Need of Redevelopment and Areas in Need of Rehabilitation. Both designated areas are identified by the governing body per recommendation of the Planning Board and incompliance with state statue for focused planning and economic incentives to stimulate development.  The Township of Toms River has five (5) approved Redevelopment Plans, one of which is almost built out.  The plans identified below are active plans in various stages of redevelopment.  

Current Redevelopment Plans in Toms River:

  1. Downtown Phase I Waterfront Redevelopment
  2. Downtown Core Redevelopment
  3. Hooper-Caudina Redevelopment
  4. Coates Point Redevelopment

View the approved TR40 Project.

Phase 1 Waterfront Redevelopment Plan

The plan addresses redevelopment of the blocks within the Phase 1 portion of the Downtown Waterfront Redevelopment Area with residential units above retail services within walking distance to the Toms River Bus Depot and the existing Downtown Core is essential to making Toms River’s downtown a true 24/7 center.

The Phase 1 Waterfront Redevelopment Plan was adopted by Township Council on December 26 at 5 p.m.

Downtown Phase 1 Waterfront Redevelopment Plan - Amendment #2 adopted 12-14-21

Narrated Animation of Phase 1 3D Model - July 2021


For more information regarding the first redevelopment project in the Phase 1 Downtown Redevelopment Area to reach the point of a redevelopment agreement, see links below:

Presentation to Council - August 10, 2021


Community Impact Study Report prepared for Township by Beacon Planning & Realty Advisors

Community Impact Study Report