Backyard Composting

The Ocean County Division of Solid Waste Recycling encourages backyard composting or mulching of grass, leaves and other garden vegetation. Composting is the natural process of decay or decomposition. It is nature's way of recycling organic material into a rich soil. While the composting process occurs naturally in forests, it can also be applied in backyards at minimal cost and effort.

Benefits of Composting

  • Compost builds soil structure and fertility which conserves water.
  • Compost improves plant health by suppressing soil and plant diseases, thereby eliminating reliance on toxic chemicals and pesticides.
  • Compost adds nutrients which increases the quality of foods.
  • Grass recycling is the natural means of providing nitrogen needed by lawns. Mulching mowers or blade adapters cut up grass finely, returning the clippings back into the lawn. This greatly reduces the need for harsh fertilizer applications. Grass recycling does not contribute to thatch problems. Thatch is caused by accumulated dead roots. Remember, the more you fertilize and water your lawn - the faster it grows, and the faster thatch accumulates.