Emergency Management

Toms River Office of Emergency Management SealOverview

The Toms River Office of Emergency management (TROEM), is responsible for an emergency management plan that prepares for, responds to and recovers from any natural or man made event that may occur in Toms River.

TROEM follows an adopted basic emergency management plan, called the Emergency Operations Plan, an official plan approved by the Ocean County Sheriffs Department and the New Jersey State Police Emergency Management Section. All disaster operations in Toms River are managed through these plans and the various support agencies are responsible for the annexes of the basic plan.

TROEM works in conjunction with state, federal, and local authorities. TROEM is prepared to activate and utilize The Emergency Operation center during any emergency to allow coordination of all support agencies to provide continuity of services to the public. TROEM is responsible for advisement, notification and assembly of services that are in the best interest of the citizens and guests of Toms River.


  • Auxiliary Police
  • Community Emergency response Team
  • Emergency Operation Center
  • Emergency Operation Plan and Updates
  • Emergency response
  • Hazardous Material Response
  • Public Education
  • Special Needs Data base