Restoration of residential power on the barrier island- An update from Toms River Twp. and JCP&L.

  • The Township has received over 1,000 permit applications to date for re-setting of electrical meters on the barrier island, most of which are from the North Beach area.  Please recall that there is no fee for this permit as the fees have been waived. 
  • The Township and JCP&L will be working cooperatively from north to south, which means that the North Beach properties will be inspected first. Once those inspections have been completed, they will move south to Ortley Beach. 
  • The Township, in conjunction with JCP&L, will begin inspections in the North Beach area beginning on 12/13/12 for re-setting of electrical meters.  This process will continue for the foreseeable future.  A more definitive schedule will be provided once the Township and JCP&L can determine the number of inspections and meters that can be set per day.  JCP&L will re-energize areas once the inspections are completed and this will likely be done in sections, once all safety issues have been resolved.      
  • For property owners who have not yet applied for the re-setting of their electrical meter, JCP&L has asked the township to request a copy of the homeowner’s electric bill along with the permit application which will include the account number.  This will greatly ease their efforts in identifying the property, meter number and moving the process along more quickly.  Many of the properties on the barrier island have been compromised in certain areas and it is difficult to identify exact locations in some instances. Both the Township and JCP&L appreciate the cooperation of property owners in providing this information, if it is available.  If it is not available, the address will suffice. 
  • If a property owner has filed a permit to reset the meter and if the Township Electrical Inspectors and/or JCP&L determine that a structure is unsafe based on the field inspection, they will not reset the meter and the property owner will be notified.  If that occurs, a certification will be required from the property owner’s licensed electrician prior to the meter being set.  Please remember, safety is our number one concern. 




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