We understand the hardships still being experienced by customers whose homes and belongings were damaged by Hurricane Sandy.  JCP&L remains committed to working with federal, state and local agencies in a coordinated effort to rebuild and restore your service.                          

To make arrangements to have your electric service restored, removed or disconnected, please contact JCP&L at 800-662-3115. A JCP&L customer service representative will create and provide you with a notification number to easily identify and track your specific work request.  The Fees normally assessed for disconnects and reconnects are currently being waived.

Meter Reset - If your home's electrical system was damaged and the required work has been completed, please contact your municipality to schedule an electrical inspection (an inspection is required before service can be restored). They will send confirmation of the inspection to JCP&L. If there is no additional work required, your meter will be set in 3-5 days.  In cases where a new service line needs to be run to your home or other construction is required, please allow at least 7-10 working days.

Home demolition - If you are demolishing your house, please contact JCP&L at 800-662-3115 to arrange to have your service wire and meter removed. To ensure the safety of the workers and the community, the electric service must be retired before demolition.  

House raising - If you are raising your house the electric service also must be disconnected to ensure the safety of the workers and the community,  please contact JCP&L at 800-662-3115 to schedule a disconnect. When construction is completed and an electrical inspection has been performed,  your municipality will send the confirmation to JCP&L and your service will be restored.

Temporary service for construction - JCP&L can provide temporary service during reconstruction of your home, please contact JCP&L at 800-662-3115 to arrange.







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