In an effort to generate supplementary non-taxpayer revenue, officials have passed two resolutions for the issuance of an alcohol retail distribution and consumption license.

Aside from recently sharing services with Toms River Regional School District to save taxpayer money, Council President Gregory P. McGuckin said selling the two licensees will also save taxpayers with possible license applicants vying against another with a minimum bid of $750,000 for the retail consumption license and a minimum bid of $600,000 for the retail distribution license.

"We hope to encourage competition," said McGuckin. "The higher the bid; the more money the town gets. It is a way of creating non-tax payer generated revenue, which helps everyone."

Aside from sharing services to keep the tax levy down, McGuckin said, "We are always looking for a way to increase the revenue side of township budget so taxpayers reap the benefits." According to the council president, officials planned to issue the only two licensees they had left in 2009.

Based on law, a municipality must have a certain populace to issue such licenses, with the amount of allowed licenses adding up as the township populace escalates. "Under the last census, taken in the year 2000, these are the last two we have to sell," said McGuckin, noting there is a chance the Township of Toms River populace has escalated enough for future licenses. "By 2011, we will see if we can sell more."

Bid packets for both licenses are available in the Township Clerk's Office, 33 Washington St., between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday.

Like the council president, Mayor Thomas F. Kelaher said selling the two licenses is key in keeping taxes here down. "We need explore and make every possible effort to keep resident taxes down and this is an opportunity to develop more business in Toms River in addition to realizing revenue from the sales," he said.

Both the mayor and council president are hopeful now that they have passed the resolution, the local business community will begin to submit bids. "It is important to get as many people to know about it," said McGuckin of the two licenses that if sold at even the lowest bit would generate more than 1.3 million in non-taxpayer revenue to help offset the budget.




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