The Toms River Township Public Works Recycling Office is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (732) 255-1000 ext. 8108.

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Why Recycle

The New Jersey Statewide Solid Waste Management Act mandates that each municipality provide for the removal of recyclables from the solid waste stream in order to:
  • Reduce the volume of solid waste in landfills.
  • Conserve vital, natural resources.
  • Save energy and landfill costs.
  • Help keep Toms River Township clean.

Furthermore, materials designated as recyclable must be separated from waste at the point of origin or generation and not at the point of disposal. This mandate applies to commercial, institutional and residential sectors.

Your Help is Needed:

  • Recycle, Reduce & Reuse.
  • Purchase recyclable products.
  • Purchase products packaged in recycled materials.
  • Purchase products that are made of recycled materials.
  • Purchase products that can be reused over and over.
  • Grass Clippings: Cut it and leave it. (Do not bag.)

What to Recycle Curbside:

  • All food container cans (aluminum/steel/tin), all glass containers (green, brown, or clear), pourable plastic bottles including soda, milk, juice, water, lotions, shampoos, and household cleaners and empty non-toxic aerosol cans, placed in a container (not in plastic or brown bags) TOGETHER WITH
  •  All paper AND corrugated cardboard (includes newspapers, junk mail, magazines, paperback books, brown bags, office paper, catalogs) can be placed in the same container.
  • Leaves (during collection periods in spring and fall, in plastic bags).
  • Brush/Tree Trimmings (during collection periods in spring and fall).

Where to Recycling Non-Traditional Items:

·         Paint cans - full or partially full - at Recycling Convenience Center.  (No Stains/Varnishes – hold for HazMat Collection)

·         Telephone books (see your directory for locations). etc. (Dispose at Recycling Convenience Center only).

·         Plastic film (grocery) bags should be returned to local supermarkets

·         Batteries - Rechargeable (terminals taped) and vehicle batteries (at Recycling Convenience Center only). Rechargeable batteries can be found in cordless power tools, cell and cordless phones, laptop computers, digital cameras, two-way radios, camcorders, and remote control toys.

·         Tires off rims (Dispose at Recycling Convenience Center only).

·         Plastic (rigid and molded):  Large rigid and molded plastic items only.  Including but not limited to: Playground equipment (slides, sand boxes, swings, pools), children's ride-on toys (big wheels), lawn furniture, buckets, pails, milk/soda crates, baskets, totes, drums, tubs, pet carriers, pallets, garbage cans, water bottles - (Dispose at Recycling Convenience Center only).

·         Metal Appliances - air conditioners, refrigerators, and dehumidifiers that have been certified free of Freon by a licensed technician - (Accepted at Recycling Convenience Center or can be picked up curbside).

·         All electronics - computer monitors, central processing units, laptops, televisions.   (Take these items to the Northern Ocean County Recycling Center, 601 New Hampshire Ave., Lakewood only. 

·         Cooking grease and oil is now accepted at the Ocean County recycling facilities and the Toms River Township Recycling Convenience Center.    Oils from bacon, roasts, fish, chicken and cooking oils from deep fryers are now recyclable and made into bio fuels and animal feed.  There is no fee; maximum is 5 gallons per day. The Toms River Recycling Convenience Center located at 1672 Church Road is open to all Toms River Township residents between the hours of 7:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday. The Northern Ocean County Recycling facility is located at 601 New Hampshire Avenue, Lakewood (732)367-0872. 

Recycling Cans:

Automated "Robo" Collection Areas: In the automated collection areas, please use the blue "robo" can for single-stream recycling. Two additional recycling Robo containers (for a total of three), can be purchased for $100 each, cash or checks only. Call 732-255-1000, extension 8188 for information. Township issued cans and cans purchased after 6/14/05 remain the property of Toms River Township and must stay at the address to which they are assigned.

Non-Robo Collection Areas: Many containers used by residents are unacceptable for safe handling by our employees. Please follow these simple guidelines: Container may not weigh more than 40 lbs. when filled. Container may not have an attached lid (difficult to dump and lid may hit crewmember). “Container may not be larger than 35 gallons.” It is recommended that drain holes be drilled in the bottom of the container to prevent water buildup in the recycling can.
To maximize the volume of your recycling containers and our trucks, please crush and flatten all plastic and aluminum cans and flatten cardboard boxes.

What not to Recycle:(Dispose with Garbage)

Auto glass headlights

Blue glass, crystal

Ceramics or china


Cereal Boxes

Hard Book Covers (inside pages are recycled)

Styrofoam cups, plates, trays


Plate/window glass

Saran Wrap

Microwavable containers


Medical supplies

Carbon paper

Household Batteries A, AA, AAA, C, D, 9 Volt (non rechargeable only - terminals taped)


Ocean County Hazardous Material Program: (This program is run by Ocean County) Call 732-367-0802 for current dates and more information. Registration is required. Following is a partial list of items that need to be collected during the Haz Mat collection.

  • Aerosol cans or plastic containers from toxic substances, aerosol cans or plastic containers from auto products and pesticides or chemicals.
  • Thermometers (mercury).
  • Stains/Varnishes
  • Mineral spirits, kerosene, anti-freeze and gasoline.
  • Aerosol cans or plastic containers from toxic substances, aerosol cans or plastic containers from auto products and pesticides or chemicals.
  • Thermometers (mercury).
  • Mineral spirits, kerosene, anti-freeze and gasoline.
  • Driveway Sealer

How to Recycle:

The Township began a "single-stream" recycling program in conjunction with changes made by Ocean County. You should now place rinsed cans, plastics and glass bottles (for safety, please remove and discard plastic caps) AND PAPER PRODUCTS INCLUDING all newspapers, mixed paper, magazines, catalogs, junk mail, brown bags, books (without the hardcover), and corrugated cardboard together IN THE SAME STURDY container. Automated areas should use the blue "robo" container. Non-automated areas should use a REUSABLE 35-gallon or smaller container (metal or plastic) identified with Township recycling seal (seal is available at the Toms River Township Public Works Department).  Please keep items dry.  Nothing can be tied, bagged or bundled in any way.  Plastic film bags should be returned to local supermarkets for recycling. DO NOT place plastic film bags in container with curbside recyclables. Cereal box cardboard and hard book covers are not recyclable and are disposed of with regular garbage. Packing materials and Styrofoam may be recycled at local commercial shipping facilities.

Rigid plastic items now accepted at the Recycling Convenience Center include: plastic buckets, milk and soda crates, laundry baskets, lawn furniture, totes, drums, toys and playhouses, pet carriers, pallets, coolers, shelving, closet organizers, dish drainers, empty flower pots, traffic signs, garbage cans, five-gallon water bottles, PET blister packs. There is no curbside pickup of rigid plastics. To maximize the volume of your recycling containers and our trucks, please crush and flatten all plastic and aluminum cans and flatten cardboard boxes.

When to Recycle:

Toms River Township provides a twice-a-month pickup of recyclables by the Public Works Department. If you generate more recycling than fits in your container, you must call in your address for an extra pickup prior to 2:30 on a Thursday. These extra pickups will be performed on Fridays. However, if Friday is a holiday, the extra pickups will be on a Thursday and you will need to call prior to 2:30 on a Wednesday. Telephone number is 732-255-1000 ext. 8119 for extra recycling pickups only. Exception: The Barrier Island (including Pelican Island) summer collection schedule is every Friday and will start the week prior to Memorial Day until Labor Day. Before and after these dates, collections are twice-a-month on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month. 

For information on the designated days for your neighbourhood, contact the Toms River Township Recycling Office at (732) 255-1000 ext. 8108 or Click here to view listing by address

Click here to view the Holiday Schedule.

Backyard Composting:

The Ocean County Division of Solid Waste Recycling encourages backyard composting or mulching of grass, leaves and other garden vegetation. Composting is the natural process of decay or decomposition. It is nature's way of recycling organic material into a rich soil. While the composting process occurs naturally in forests, it can also be applied in backyards at minimal cost and effort.

·         Compost builds soil structure and fertility which conserves water.

·         Compost improves plant health by suppressing soil and plant diseases, thereby eliminating reliance on toxic chemicals and pesticides.

·         Compost adds nutrients which increases the quality of foods.

·         Grass recycling is the natural means of providing nitrogen needed by lawns. Mulching mowers or blade adapters cut up grass finely, returning the clippings back into the lawn. This greatly reduces the need for harsh fertilizer applications. Grass recycling does not contribute to thatch problems. Thatch is caused by accumulated dead roots. Remember, the more you fertilize and water your lawn - the faster it grows, and the faster thatch accumulates.




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