Toms River Township has two types of extra pickups that can be scheduled once a month - Metal and Extra Collections (heavy non-metal requiring a lift truck). Items that cannot be picked up curbside but must be brought to the Recycling Convenience Center include but are not limited to electronics (computers, monitors, and TVs), tires (off rim), paints, rigid plastics (playground equipment, slides, sand boxes, swings, pools), children's ride-on toys (big wheels), lawn furniture, buckets, pails, milk/soda crates, baskets, totes, drums, tubs, large flower pots, pet carriers, pallets, coolers, garbage cans, PET blister packs 5 gal. water bottles, empty propane tanks, motor oil, and batteries.

The Township will not provide curbside pickup of construction/demolition debris. Residents will be permitted to bring not more than two 35-gallon containers of construction/demolition debris to the Recycling Convenience Center two times per month. This debris must be placed in containers so that the quantity of material can be readily identified by the yard attendants. If such debris is not containerized, it will not be accepted. Should you have larger quantities of construction/demolition debris to dispose of, it must be brought to an approved landfill such as the Ocean County Landfill on State Highway 70 in Manchester Township by the resident, contractor, or licensed trash hauling company.

To schedule a metal or special collection call 732-255-1000 ext. 8604 and follow the prompts leaving your address and a brief description of the items you need to dispose.

Definitions & Schedules:

Metal:  Definition: Items made primarily of metal. Examples: Washers, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, wrought iron railings, grills, bathtubs, metal poles, folding chairs, hot water heaters, metal tanks. etc.  Newer dishwashers that are made of plastic are picked up as non-metal/extra collection. Due to a Federal law, Freon must be removed from refrigerators, dehumidifiers, etc. The appliance must have a sticker attached by a licensed service company. Empty propane tanks must be brought into the Recycling Convenience Center.

Metal pickup schedule: Call 732-255-1000 ext. 8170 to be on pickup list. Put items to the curb by 6:30 a.m. on the Monday following your request. Items will be picked up during that week, between Monday and Friday.

Special Collections (non-metal and requiring a lift truck): Definition: This is for pickups that are not primarily metal and require a lift truck, such as pool tables, sofa beds, treadmills, pianos & organs, sliding glass doors. Other large items such as furniture do not need a special pickup but can be put out with your regular weekly collection. Examples of items that can be put out with your weekly sanitation collection are furniture, carpets, mattresses, etc.


Special Collection Schedule: Call 732-255-1000 ext. 8604 to be on pickup list. Put items to the curb by 6:30 a.m. on the Thursday after your request




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