1.  Hooper-Caudina Redevelopment Plan
The goal of the Hooper-Caudina Redevelopment Plan is to promote the development of a campus for a new VA clinic for Ocean County, situated with convenient access to related services for veterans and the public at large. The relocation of the post office to the same campus and the connection of the campus with the adjacent office park where the County is planning on building new office facilities to house several County departments, including the Office of Veterans Affairs, will address multiple needs for veterans in a single destination. The redevelopment area would be connected to Seacourt Pavilion and the approved multifamily development adjacent to the Redevelopment Area will include affordable units for which veterans preference can be offered.
The redevelopment of the Hooper-Caudina Redevelopment Area is to be guided by the following objectives:
1.  Provide health services and create new employment with convenient access to a mix of residential, business retail commercial and entertainment uses;
2.  Encourage development that will help promote interconnected uses;
3.  Ensure that all buildings are consistent with and enhanced by high-quality streetscape amenities;
4.  Enable major new facilities to reenergize existing retail centers along the Hooper Avenue corridor and support the economic viability of the Ocean County Mall.
The Hooper-Caudina Redevelopment Plan was adopted by Township Council on February 26, 2019.  
2.  Coates Pointe Redevelopment Plan
"Coates Pointe" was the original settlement near the current location of the Mathis and Tunney bridges over the Barnegat Bay along Route 37.  The area between Fischer Boulevard and the bridges was designated as a redevelopment area in 2003.  A redevelopment plan is being developed by the division staff.

Hooper Caudina Redevelopment Model - Facing North

Hooper Caudina Redevelopment Model v2

Hooper-Caudina Redevelopment Plan ADOPTED 2-26-19





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