Residents are reminded that infrastructure construction and heavy equipment will be operating in the areas that are not scheduled for re-entry so re-entry must be limited to the designated area. Please do not arrive on a day not scheduled or you will be removed and you will only slow the recovery process for the entire beach area. We cannot stress enough that it is important to go by the plan to ensure recovery of this area for both yourselves and your neighbors.  




  • Based on the below locations, residents of Ortley Beach will be provided access to their homes from 08:00 AM to 3:00PM.   Beginning at 2 pm, the roadways are transitioned into construction lanes for heavy equipment transversing the roadways. All residents and civilian contractors are TO BE OFF THE ISLAND BY 4 PM!
  • Residents are requested to have identification and a proof of ownership for the house they are entering (Driver's license, tax or utility bill.) Police will be doing additional checks at homes.
  • Residents will arrive over the Rt. 37 bridge via their own car and may begin the process of flood remediation and winterization. It is strongly suggested that residents work with their respective homeowners' association to have contractors on site to assist in the winterization process.
  • One car per household (as many people that can fit in one car.)

Porta John restrooms will be located on the barrier island for residents needing to use the bathroom.


A&P Parking Lot.- Command Post
Ocean Beach Firehouse- on Kittiwake & Rt. 35
Ortley Beach EMS Building – corner of 6th Ave. & Railway
Chadwick Beach bridge on Strickland

As per American Water Company, residents who have water cannot consume it, but they can wash with it.

  • Insurance adjusters may go over the bridge to see customers. Contractors may meet you over there for the purpose of winterization only.  They are not to solicit jobs. No major construction can take place at this time as the home owners only have one day to re-enter. Have your contractor see the section entitled, "Contractor and Insurance Adjuster Registration For Access to the Barrier Island."
  • Access to communities other than those listed for a particular day will be denied. A controlled re-entry for Phase three will enable all people to get to their homes. Arriving on a day not scheduled will only slow the process.
  • Vehicle size restriction- No large moving vans will be allowed to enter at this time. You may attach a small trailer.
  • The roads are very narrow in many areas.  Residents are urged to comply with these guidelines to ensure all residents future access.  
  • The Route 37 E bridge will not open until 8 am.
    Resident traffic are to stay in the right and center lane. The left lane is for emergency vehicles only.
  • The homes and infrastructure in many areas have been severely damaged. As such, ALL RESIDENTS CHOOSING TO VOLUNTARILY ENTER THEIR HOMES TO INSPECT/REMOVE PERSONAL ITEMS DO SO AT THEIR OWN RISK.
  • Residents are reminded to use caution in and around their homes.
  • Residents will not be permitted to wander to other unsecured areas.
  • Residents should throw out unwanted items at curb side, but on their property so as to not block the streets. You may have your contractor haul your trash for faster removal. All garbage on your property must be within10 feet of the curb




Mailing Address:
Post Office Box 728,
Toms River, New Jersey 08754-0728
Town Hall located at:
33 Washington Street
Toms River, New Jersey 08753