Christmas is coming early to the taxpayers of Toms River.

During the December 23rd meeting, the Township Council will adopt a resolution reducing the amount of additional Special Emergency Appropriation from $21 million down to $11 million to cover Hurricane Sandy related expenses.

Reduction of Previous Appropriations

This resolution reduces previous disaster appropriations by a total of $24 million.

Back on November 16, 2012, the Township Council unanimously adopted a resolution authorizing a special emergency appropriation in the amount of $35 million to cover expenses incurred as a result of extensive infrastructure damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.

That amount was then reduced to $25 million by resolution adopted December 26, 2012.

“We started with a very high number and when we realized that some of the Sandy recovery work was reimbursable through FEMA, we lowered the appropriation,” said Council President George Wittmann.

On March 12th, 2013, the special emergency appropriation resolution was amended again to authorize $21 million in additional Hurricane Sandy recovery projects, effective in the 2013 budget year:

•             $11 million for private property debris removal and demolition

•             $10 million for capital projects

“Now, upon further assessment of the fiscal impact of the storm, the Township has determined that expenses can be covered by less than the additional $21 million appropriated. This resolution will reduce it to $11 million,” said Wittmann. “It’s a $10 million refund back to the taxpayers,” he added.

Hurricane Sandy had an enormous impact on the Township’s finances. The storm caused a loss of about 20 percent of the Township’s ratable base.

Wittmann said, “Heading into the New Year, we remain committed to the long term fiscal integrity of the Township and lowering our overall municipal debt.”

The council will meet Monday, December 23, at 5 p.m. in the L. Manuel Hirshblond Meeting Room in Town Hall.






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