It’s been100 days since Hurricane Sandy struck Toms River, displacing many residents, and leaving the area in a State of Emergency.

Mayor Tom Kelaher is pleased to announce that the Executive Order has been lifted today for most residents of Ortley Beach and they may begin to re-populate the area.


“I’m always glad to be able to announce that people can move back into their homes,” Kelaher said. “Unfortunately the Order does not apply to all homes because we can’t certify that all lots have the four necessary utilities working. The homes east of Route 35 in Ortley were the hardest hit, and many of those lots are missing either electric, gas, sewer or a combination of them. All homes have potable water.”

Kelaher added, “We continue to work with the utilities on a daily basis to accomplish the final installation of electric and gas. I’m sure everyone understands that there are certain areas of the Ortley oceanfront where homes were destroyed and knocked off their foundation, and that it will take considerable time to get the utilities back and functioning in those locations. No matter what, we’re hopeful to begin reconstruction to Ocean Ave. and we’re optimistic to have part of the beaches open for the summer season.”

Attached is a map showing the properties that are unable to receive some of the utilities. (Click here for map)



(Photo by Debbi Winogracki)

Hoping to see a lot of residents moving back in to Ortley Beach, Toms River Twp. Mayor Tom Kelaher stands in front of a sign welcoming people to the area.





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