Toms River Township is in the final stages of our Phase 1 Demolition/Private Property Debris Removal Program (PPDR) which is supported by FEMA funding.

It included over 200 properties in the storm-damaged areas, submitted on a voluntary basis by property owners. The Township has been able to assist these property owners with debris removal and/or demolition of their structure and we are pleased with the outcome of this program thus far.

We are now moving into “Phase 2” of this program which will involve properties in the storm-damaged areas that have not yet been addressed by property owners. In order to restore our community as expeditiously as possible and to ensure that the proper health, safety and quality of life standards are met, the Township is taking the following actions:

Our Township Code Enforcement Officers began inspecting storm-damaged properties on 9/22/13 to determine if violations exist that must be addressed. If violations are found, a letter will be sent to the property owners of record, advising them of the corrective action that will be necessary in order to be in compliance with the Township property maintenance code. The Township completely understands that not all personal situations are the same and we are committed to working with property owners to work toward acceptable solutions, as long as a workable schedule can be developed. It is vitally important for property owners to respond if they receive a letter from the Township Code Enforcement Officer as soon as possible. Failure to respond will leave the Township little choice in enforcement, and is the least desired alternative.

It is important to note, however, that if utilities are not available at a given location, a notice will be posted advising property owners that they cannot occupy the structure until utilities are available.   This does not in any way preclude a property owner from working on the structure; however, under the Code, a property is not fit for occupancy if electricity, gas service, water and sewer service are unavailable.

If you have any questions concerning this program, please contact our Code Enforcement Office at 732-341-1000 ext. 8440.









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