Two young girls from Colorado, who spend their summers at the Jersey Shore, wanted to do their part to help out kids affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Emily Thain, 12, from Deertrail School in Colorado, and Jerzey Hickson, 12, from Strasburg School, enlisted their grandfather to help deliver school supplies to children in Toms River. Bruce Thain says, “My granddaughters have both been to Toms River on their summer breaks and they just love the beach.  They took it upon themselves to start a collection for students to donate school supplies.”

Robert Thain reached out to Mayor Tom Kelaher’s office to find a place to deliver the donated supplies. Kelaher says, “The girls packed these boxes with everything that students may need to replace storm-damaged items.  There are backpacks, pens, notebooks, erasers and rulers enclosed for our students. It is touching that these young girls heard about our plight and felt compelled to do something and take up a collection for us.  We certainly appreciate their efforts, and the effort it took from their grandfather.  I understand the boxes were very expensive to ship, so he took a train from Colorado to Connecticut, where his brother lives. From there, they drove the shipment down to Toms River. They really went the extra mile for us.”

Mallory Kennedy, Superintendent of Instruction for Hooper Avenue Elementary School, said, “I think it’s just wonderful that these girls have such generosity and compassion at such a young age.  We thank them from the bottom of our hearts.  We have a number of families, and teachers, that were affected by the storm. A lot of kids were displaced so it’s nice to be able to give them some new things.”


(Photos by Debbi Winogracki)
Mallory Kennedy, Hooper Avenue Elementary School, Robert Thain of Colorado and Mayor Thomas Kelaher look over the school supplies donated from students in Colorado.




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