Per Executive Order 18, vital records will be issued only  if all the following criteria are met:

1.     A completed application, fully identifying the record, with all pertinent information, is submitted.  (See “Forms”  section)

2.     Applicant presents proof of their relationship to the subject of the record.  (See “Documentary proof” section)

3.     Applicant presents acceptable  ID per NJ State regulations
(see “Acceptable Forms of ID” section) 

4.     Applicant pays appropriate fee ($15.00  per copy.)
We accept cash, money order or check.   Make checks
payable to “Township of Toms River.”   

5.     If applying by mail, enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope along with application (see “Forms”) copies of ID and applicable fee. *Please note incomplete requests, received by mail, will be  returned to applicant. 


Third-Party Representation (Lawyers, Executors) or non-eligible persons  must  also  provide:

a.  Legal documentation (Surrogate’s Certificate,     
or  Court Order) 


b.   A notarized letter from the eligible person, allowing the       certificate to be released to the Third party. (Third     party must present their acceptable, valid and    current identification.)    




Mailing Address:
Post Office Box 728,
Toms River, New Jersey 08754-0728
Town Hall located at:
33 Washington Street
Toms River, New Jersey 08753