Registrar Of Vital Statistics

  1. The exact name(s) that is listed on the record (first-middle-last)
  2. The exact place (city) that the event took place
  3. The exact date (month-day-year) the event took place
  4. The mother’s maiden name
  5. The father’s name (when originally recorded)

Per Executive Order 18, vital records will be issued only  if all the following criteria are met:

1.     A completed application, fully identifying the record, with all pertinent information, is submitted.  (See “Forms”  section)

2.     Applicant presents proof of their relationship to the subject of the record.  (See “Documentary proof” section)

3.     Applicant presents acceptable  ID per NJ State regulations
(see “Acceptable Forms of ID” section) 

4.     Applicant pays appropriate fee ($15.00  per copy.)
We accept cash, money order or check.   Make checks
payable to “Township of Toms River.”   

5.     If applying by mail, enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope along with application (see “Forms”) copies of ID and applicable fee. *Please note incomplete requests, received by mail, will be  returned to applicant. 


Third-Party Representation (Lawyers, Executors) or non-eligible persons  must  also  provide:

a.  Legal documentation (Surrogate’s Certificate,     
or  Court Order) 


b.   A notarized letter from the eligible person, allowing the       certificate to be released to the Third party. (Third     party must present their acceptable, valid and    current identification.)    

An individual who has filed a complete application for a copy of a vital record can authorize another person to pick up the record on his or her behalf.  To do so, the applicant should sign a notarized letter, stating the name of the person listed on the vital record and the name of the individual who is picking up the record.   The individual picking up the record must present this letter along with their own acceptable identification.


You must establish your relationship to the subject of a vital record, pursuant to regulations established by the NJ State Registrar and Governor’s Executive Order, to obtain a vital record.  

You must show documentation, in addition to your photo drivers license. The chart below explains who is eligible and the documentary proof to establish that eligibility.  Please bring certified copies with a raised seal.   


CHILD                           Your birth certificate with your parents names showing;   
If married, your marriage license,  to
address name change


GRAND-CHILD            Your  birth certificate with parents names showing 
                                      Your parents’ birth/death certificates with their parents (your grand-parents)  names  showing; 
                                      Your marriage license,  if married,
                                      to show change of your name.

 SPOUSE                       Your marriage license  


SIBLING                       Your  birth certificate with parents names showing; 
                                      Your marriage license if you are married,
                                      To show change of your name.


EX-SPOUSE                  Not entitled unless  you are obtaining it on behalf of a minor child -  
                                      Minor  child’s  birth certificate with the  parents names showing **
                                      ** If you remarried, you must  bring your current marriage license to address the name changes.  

THE ESTATE                 Valid Surrogates Certificate      
                                      With an  original signature and seal  


No.   You are not eligible to receive a certified copy. However, you can have the title company or the stock/bond holder request it directly from the State Bureau of Vital Statistics and Registration. The request must be made on their agency letter head and list the name and social security number of the deceased. They must also provide acceptable forms of Identification and the appropriate fees
In many cases, the agency will provide a letter indicating they are in need of the death certificate and require you to submit the application for the certified copy of the record. In this case you must include the agency letter in your application and the resulting certified copy will be mailed directly to the agency.

No. Vital records require the raised seal of the local office of vital records or the State Bureau of Vital Statistics and Registration seal to be considered valid. It is the administrative policy of the State Registrar that records are not faxed for any reason.




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