Tax Assessor

**UPDATE**- The only property owners that will receive an amended post card are the property owners with an assessed value of $750,000 or greater.

2016 Notice of Property Tax Assessment
Revised Mailing Due to Error on Back of Card

Property owners are notified of their current year tax assessment via a post card that is typically sent out late January of the calendar year.

The 2016 tax year postcards are to be mailed on or before February 1, 2016. There was an error made by the vendor on the postcard that was mailed. The error is on the back of the card and the error is only relevant to the appeal instructions. The information on the front of the card is correct.

There will be a revised post card mailed to all property owners with a 2016 assessment of $750,000 or greater on or about February 5, 2016. The new post card will be identified by a caption on the front top of the card ***REVISED VERSION***. The appeal information on the back was updated with the correct appeal instructions.

The tax information on the front of the revised post card will not differ from the tax information on the front of the original post card so both fronts of the post card can be considered accurate.


A depiction of each post card is provided to show the differences in the two postcards that you have received. The highlighted card is the revised and correct information. If you have any questions about the revised post card please contact the Tax Assessor’s office at (732) 341-1000 ext. 8300.

2016 Post Card Original Mailing


2016 Post Card Revised Mailing

You are obligated to pay the bill in full, whether or not you agree to the assessment. You have until December 1 to appeal the added assessment. After that date, no one will be able to appeal the added assessment, even the assessor. You do not have to meet with the assessor prior to filing an appeal. Taxes must be paid in full or the case will not be heard in court.
We will attempt to resolve discrepancies by stipulation if ethically possible. A settlement stipulation completed sufficiently in advance of a scheduled hearing will serve to avoid an unnecessary appearance before the Ocean County Tax Board. However, if the assessment is defensible in our opinion, we will provide you with the evidence that supports our position.




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