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Jamie Patterson Jr. and Zoe Perozzi have been best friends since pre K and are now making their communion together at Holy Family on May 1st. The 7 year olds decided that they would like to donate to the animals instead of giving the traditional favors. When they visited the shelter, Jamie and Zoe were able to interact with some of the animals. “It’s great that these young kids are getting into good habits,” says Jim Bowen manager at the shelter.

There are many things in this world that wouldn’t be possible without volunteers. They have a special way of caring, helping and dedication to really make a difference. With a small staff for such a large town, and a volunteer roster of about 30, the Toms River Animal Facility relies heavily on their volunteers. Jen and Carol are among these volunteers and are also persons served at Bancroft.

Bancroft, based in Haddonfield, NJ was founded in 1883. This nonprofit cooperation supports both children and adults with developmental challenges and acquired brain injuries.
“Bancroft strives to ensure that every person is given opportunities for lifelong learning and fulfillment. The organization does this by altering perceptions and supporting people with neurological challenges in achieving their life goals as valued and respected members of our world,” the Bancroft mission statement mandates.

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Dear Jim,

Hi. Just thought I send a picture or two of Junior and Joe taking a nap on a recent snowy day.  The dog was also napping, I leaned on him to take the shot. I hope the picture carried over in this email. They get along great.  His ears are cleared up. 

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Hi!  I hope that this letter finds its way all of you who took such great care of Taco before we adopted him a little bit back.  And if not, would you please pass it on to them!

We just wanted to pass on a little note to you all and tell you that WE LOVE OUR TACO!  He is one great dog and no, you can't have him back!

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