One day at recess Reagan Czech and her friend, Hailey Montanile, were discussing volunteering at an animal shelter.  Since they discovered they were not old enough to volunteer, they came up with another idea to make money for the shelter.  They asked their school principal, Mr. Pallen, at West Dover Elementary if it would be possible to sell bracelets.  They told him they were going to make the bracelets to raise money for the Toms River Animal Facility.  He approved the idea.  The girls  decided  they would need more help making the amount of bracelets they needed, so they asked Simone Briscoe.

They knew there were about 500 kids in their school and they would need about 400 bracelets.  They went to work immediately.  They had only 5 days to get everything done and ready for the sale.  They all worked whenever they had spare time.  They made a total of 378 bracelets and were ready for sales to begin on Monday.

They sold 125 bracelets every day!  People bought anywhere from 1 to 20 bracelets.  Some people just donated money.  When they got to the last day of the sale, every bracelet was sold out.  They made a total of $412.00. 

Reagan, Hailey and Simone are truly an inspiration and outstanding role models for all kids their age!  The staff and animals at the shelter greatly appreciate their efforts!




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