Dear Jim,

Please share these pictures with everyone at the animal facility. As you can see Roofus is very content in his new home. Within the first few hours of being in his new home he claimed the spot in front of the fire place as his own. We just adore him, he is so precious. We visited the vet today for his checkup, he recieved vaccinations (like a champ!), and is scheduled to be neutered. The vet recommended we wait two weeks before the surgery in hopes we can fatten him up some before the procedure. I don't see any problems with that at all, he comes running when the dog food/treat cabinet door opens. It hard to believe he has only been with us since yesterday. He is so comfortable and well behaved.

After exploring the property and house he settled in and became very much part of our family. Honestly, it's as if he was supposed to be here all along. Roofus and Shantie (our german shepard) are getting along so well that we only separated them during the night, mostly to confirm what my husband had suspected all along that Roofus is house broken. After the vet today we had one more stop to make, PetSmart. Michelle, Mark, and Roofus picked out his bed, toys, treats, and collar. In the pictures you can see Roofus really enjoys his bed. We can't thank you enough for bringing us together. He is amazing! Roofus is home!


Tracey, Mark, and Michelle Osterman




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