Hi!  I hope that this letter finds its way all of you who took such great care of Taco before we adopted him a little bit back.  And if not, would you please pass it on to them!

We just wanted to pass on a little note to you all and tell you that WE LOVE OUR TACO!  He is one great dog and no, you can't have him back! lol lol.  As you know, I had my doubts about getting another dog in the family, especially one as active as you said Taco was, but my son, Nicholas, wanted him so badly and now I really can't see our family without him in it =)     He is a wonderful dog.  He listens great, he is sweet, he doesn't jump on anyone (well unless it is wanted), he calms down quickly, doesn't charge anyone at the door (well, not unless your name is Nicholas!), he is a VERY good snuggler and best of all.....He hasn't eaten any furniture and/or had any accidents in the house.  He loves his crate, but I think that Nicholas lets him out at night and sneaks him into bed with him lol.   When we have to leave for school and work, he is very good all day.   He won't get up in the morning if Nicholas is still sleeping.  He waits for him....it is actually very very cute.  They are quite a pair!  Nicholas is already planning on getting him to the ocean and up on the boogie board when the water warms up....he swears he will be a natural!

Thank you thank you thank you for letting Taco into our world (well, maybe Boo, our cat might not TOTALLY be thankful) but she is adjusting and now I think it is more comical and annoying lol.'

Nicholas will be planning a trip down for a visit with him soon! And we will send pictures of the family!


JoAnn, Nicholas, Phoebe, Sammy and Patrick Iacoves (and a not-so-happy, but she loves him, Boo)




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