Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know Allie was adopted today. Her new home has been waiting patiently for her arrival for 3 weeks as she needed to be spayed... They are a retired couple from Egg Harbor City who have owned brittany's and border collies for their entire lives. She will be lavished with love and attention truly what every animal needs. Thanks so much for letting us pull her and bring her into foster care. She was a true delight and we will miss her!!

Dear Mr. Bowen,

Just wanted to write and let you know how wonderful and caring Claire and the staff at the Toms River Shelter are.  I just recently lost our family dog Nicky who is 17years old. The wind one day blew open the gate and he wondered off. Thanks to some caring neighbors animal control was called and he was taken in.  I am so thankful.  I called Claire in the morning about Nicky and I was very upset.  She calmed me down and was very happy to tell me they had Nicky there at the Shelter.  When I went to the shelter to pick up Nicky I was greeted with a warm hello and they were so happy Nicky's owner was found.  I know its only January 12th but Claire and her staff made my year already.  They helped me out to my car which I can't thank them enough because my hands were shaking from being so happy in finding Nicky. I will always remember my new friends at the shelter and they will be in my thoughts and prayers.



Attached is a picture, she was named Bell when she was at the shelter

"Rescuing one dog will not change the world.... But for that dog the world will be forever changed"
Michelle Falkinburg
American Brittany Rescue-NJ




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