Ditka is his new name.

We wanted to name him "Mr. Peabody" after the Rocky & Bullwinkle dog who is super smart and wears the spectacles and bow tie and invented the "Wayback Machine" for time travel. lol However, he's got such a "Butch" or "Mugsy" or "Buster" type of look to him, we couldn't see naming him "Mr. Peabody", but we didn't wanna name him a common name like "Butch" or something. So Jerri asked me "Who are some rough and tumble football players?" So when I mentioned Dick Butkis we both didn't like that (Butt Kiss????). Then I mentioned Mike Ditka, and she said "That's it! I love it!" lol So.......Ditka it is. He's really a sweetheart but the name suits him, and people LOVE the name.


Just wanted to let you know that he's been a VERY good boy, and has come a LONG way in only a week! He sits and stays pretty well now, goes in the outdoor pen pretty well to "do his business" (he's only piddled 3 times in the house in a whole week), responds to "Give me" when he has something in his mouth he's not supposed to have, LOVES to play and fetch in the backyard (I throw the ball about 30 yards for him and he LOVES to go fetch it and bring it back), has pretty much stopped jumping and lunging already, LOVES to give kisses, LOVES to play with his toys (especially the "pull rope"), "heels" pretty well on the leash, and has been an overall VERY good boy and he's very affectionate. He still is a little "mouthy" but even that is getting less and less as we gently train him out of it. He responds VERY well to almost everything, and seems to want to please his mommy and daddy. He goes crazy to see us in the morning (we have to crate him until we can trust him to come upstairs with us to sleep) and whimpers when mommy goes out the front door and runs around the house to look for her.

He was GREAT at the Vet's office, and didn't even need a muzzle when they gave him a shot.

He's been SO good, that we're almost finished with our SECOND box of doggie treat rewards already. LOL

Just wanted to let you know that Ditka is a wonderful addition to our family, and we're very happy that you guys took care of him for a few months and let us adopt him.

Have a GREAT day,

Dr. Liburdi & Jerri

See pic below....his first time we let him in the office....after patients, of course, but since then, several "last patients of the evening" WANTED him to come in, and he did not disappoint. Even the patients loved him.












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