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-Do your research.


-Make sure the contractor has the specific machines necessary to move your type of house, such as a “unified jacking machine.”

-Be sure contractor is a licensed professional with many years of experience in home elevation, specifically. Anyone can purchase the equipment needed, so be sure that the contractor has the right experience.

-Make sure Elevation Contractor has Cargo/Riggers Liability Insurance for the contents of your home, as well as at least $1,000,000 in liability insurance.

-The company can be from out of state, but they must have a NJ contractor’s license.

-Get several estimates and check references.

-Have a detailed, written contract in place before starting any work.

-Never pay in cash or put out a lot of money upfront.

- Make sure you get a permit for the work.  You may lose your insurance money without proper permits or have a "Stop Work" order put in place.

List of approved NJ Licensed Home Elevation Contractors-

Toms River Twp. is not endorsing any of these companies, but is merely providing a list of experienced home elevation contractors. This list is not all-inclusive, but merely a suggestion of several companies that came highly recommended based on their experience in this field.

Due to extremely high call volumes, most contactors are asking that you reach them by email.

Atlantic Structure Movers – www.atlanticstructuremovers.com

W.A. Building Movers   www.wabuildingmovers.com

Myroncuk House Movers-   www.myroncukhousemovers.com

Wolfe House & Building Movers www.wolfehousebuildingmovers.com

Ducky Johnson House Movers   www.duckyjohnsonhousemovers.com

Expert House Movers www.experthousemovers.com

CDA Roofing & House Raising www.njroofingandhouseraising.com

Rimac Restoration/Brownie Companies www.RimacRestoration.com