The Toms River Township Department of Public Works will be closed on Labor Day, Monday, September 4, 2017. There will be no sanitation and recycling collections and the Recycling Convenience Center will be closed. All collections are postponed one day, with Friday’s sanitation collections picked up on Saturday.  

This ordinance amends and supplements various sections and establishes new sections of Chapter 348 (Land Use and Development Regulations) of the Township Code, including, but not limited to: Planned Unit Developments; establishment of Zoning Districts;  adoption of a Zoning Map; establishment of regulations within Zoning Districts to provide for permitted uses, required accessory uses, permitted accessory uses, conditional uses, area, yard and building requirements, and other miscellaneous provisions regulating land use with the Township of Toms River, Ocean County, New Jersey. These amendments to the Zoning Map and to Chapter 348 will implement recommendations of the 2017 Master Plan Land Use Element and were also recommended in the updated comprehensive Periodic Reexamination and Land Use Plan Update (Part 1 – Housing; Part 2 – Land Use) as adopted by the Planning Board after notice and public hearing on February 15, 2017 (Part 1) and April 19 (Part 2) of 2017.  The Ordinance, once adopted will be the final submission to the State Planning Commission needed to formally amend the State Plan Policy Map to include Toms River’s new Centers and Cores and enable economic development in the Township’s commercial zones.

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