Play in Toms River Business Challenge

What is the Challenge?: The Toms River Township Green Team is challenging businesses and nonprofits located in Toms River to promote playing in Toms River. "Playing" brings joy to children, families and adults of all ages. The Township would like the public to be aware of all the fun activities there are to do in Toms River, and know that they live in a vibrant, active community. Promote your business and make it memorable by promoting your activities such as live music, wine/beer tasting nights, hatchet throwing, video game competitions, camping nights, arts and crafts events, live theater, gymnastics open night, basecamp open night, yoga, movies, paint and sips, museum displays/activities, etc.

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Mailing Address:
Post Office Box 728,
Toms River, New Jersey 08754-0728
Town Hall located at:
33 Washington Street
Toms River, New Jersey 08753